About Us

Fandoro is a GenAI-enabled Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that helps enterprises become more environmentally friendly. It uses advanced generative AI technology to assist organizations in identifying, managing, and achieving their sustainability goals. The platform provides tools for assessing environmental risks, finding opportunities for sustainable practices, and implementing effective strategies to reduce ecological footprints.

In addition to our core offerings, we also specialize in sustainability consulting, providing guidance and support to businesses looking to incorporate sustainability into their operations. Through detailed analytics, predictive modeling, and customized recommendations, Fandoro helps businesses integrate sustainability into their core operations, promoting a balanced approach to profitability and environmental responsibility. Essentially, Fandoro acts as a crucial resource for companies committed to building a sustainable future while navigating the complexities of corporate environmental stewardship.


Our mission is to support businesses choose the path of sustainable development that is most naturally aligned with their core functions and goals and support them to identify and mitigate sustainability risks.


Our vision is a world where people build planet-positive businesses only.